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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  April 21, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> hang now on "action news" a-stormy night finally makes way for clearing skies. >> baltimore police suspend several officers over the death of a man in their custody. protesters demand more answers. >> underground explosion on the main line sends people running and knocks out power to dozens of businesses. >> still some rain out there. let's go to david and karen. >> a lot of rain yesterday and storms last night. what we've got left over now is really just the tail end. it's starting to fall apart in those northern and western suburbs. you'll get little light to moderate rain up there over the next hour or so. philadelphia appears to be close to drying out just a sprinkle or light shower still ahead over the next half hour to hour and south jersey also seeing the brunt of this move away. the closest thunderstorms are
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well off the coast at this point. we're also looking for the return of that smush and you can see a little bit of clearing down below washington. that will work its way in our direction. look at that big orange red box there. there was a tornado watch that sprung up for parts of the region last night but no tornadoes around here. 59 degrees in philadelphia, 58 in wilmington, 55 in allentown. 56 in trenton and 60 at this early hour in sea isle city with those winds coming in from the west. as we head outside to catch the bus over the next couple of hours, 56 by 6:00, 60 by 8:00 some areas in the first part of this period will still be seeing some rain, just kind of depends on where you are. tuesday treat coming, though, kids. 59 degrees right now on your storm tracker six app but by 8 o'clock, 59 degrees and then 63 by noon. we are going to get up to 66 degrees and the treat part of the forecast is really how much sunshine will return. karen it is going to be a good looking but breezy and seasonably cool afternoon. what about traffic early on. >> expect it to be wet and slow. as we look live on i-95 approaching allegheny we'll
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say no major problems yet. that's southbound traffic headed towards center city. a little extra slow with the wet roads out there but no delay currently on i-95. on the big picture we have a new problem that's just in. columbus boulevard is shut down and that's between penn's landing and callowhill because of all the rain. they've got flooding causing the problem there. so stay to i-95 instead of columbus boulevard so that's going to mess you up a little bit on your commute. i told you we were looking into reports of problems with the traffic lights out on the boulevard at mascher street and that is the case. you'll is to allow some extra time. they're not allowing cross traffic with the problem with the trappingy traffic lights there. we have been talking about vice president biden's visit to the city. restrictions will begin about 2:30 on market and 23rd so give yourself extra time headed to the city in that area. flooding also a problem in brooklawn camden county. this is the usual spot for flooding. 130 still blocked at 5551, the brooklawn circle. if you're in this area tam stick to 295 to avoid problems. >> thank you karen. this is developing overnight.
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police are investigating an apparent double shooting in south philadelphia. the action cam was on the scene in the 2600 block of jackson street. that's where a gunman wounded a woman in her 20's. police say a second person, a man showed up at the hospital claiming he was shot at the same location. both the victims are in stable condition. no arrests have been made. an reckless driver landed a car on its roof overnight. the vehicle flipped over on the 600 block of noor street in northeast philadelphia. it came to a stop on the sidewalk in front of a house. police believe speeding caused the driver to lose control. the person was not seriously hurt and no other injuries were reported. >> there are new developments in the investigation of a man who suffered a fatal spine injury while under arrest in baltimore. the city's police department has suspended six of its officers. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn fills us in with the rest live at the big board. erin. >> reporter: hey matt, there's an intense focus on several videos now including this one that captured the same arrest. they show the suspect being
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put into the back avenue police van in a high crime area. that suspect freddie gray would later die as you said of a severed spine but neither a cell phone video or video from the police cameras seems to explain exactly how he suffered that injury. now, police documents say gray was taken into custody without force or incident but then, according to police, he suffered a medical emergency. police say gray ran from police who pursued him and arrested him as the video shows at 8:39 there. just four minutes later at 8:43 when he is put into the police van he asks for an inhaler. at 8:46 the van driver says gray gets irate so the van pulls over and leg irons are put on. a medic isn't called, however until 9:24. gray is then hospitalized. seven days after his arrest, the 25-year-old was dead. an autopsy shows he suffered that spinal injury and the family's attorney is claiming the burden for that injury belongs to police. police say there was no use of force.
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>> they're responsible for what happened to him because it happened in their custody under extraordinarily suspicious circumstances that cry out for transparency and full disclosure. >> i know that when mr. gray was placed inside that van, he was able to talk, he was upset and when mr. gray was taken out of that van, he could not talk and he could not breathe. >> reporter: now baltimore's mayor went either farther saying the injury happened in the van but again, the videos are very unclear and they really don't show much. so without any clear answers as we had mentioned before, six baltimore police officers are on suspension. of course we'll keep you updated on this story and on matt. >> erin thank you. 5:35 now and happening today, an extradition hearing for a philadelphia mom accused of deserting her special needs son. nyia parler remains in custody in montgomery county maryland. she had spent about a week in the hospital for an
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undisclosed condition. police say parler abandoned her quadriplegic son in the woods of cobbs creek while she visited her boyfriend. parler will face attempted murder charges when she returns to philadelphia. >> surveillance video shows two fake police officers at work in a juniata park grocery store. the men encounter add security guard inside the fresh market on the 1200 block of east erie avenue back on april 8th. one of them threatened to arrest the guard displaying handcuffs and a weapon. police have a rough description of the get aware car and more on that is coming up in a live report at 6:00 a.m. >> vice president joe biden will visit the peco building in center city today. he's supposed to arrive at about 2:30 this afternoon. the white house says biden will deliver remarks on energy at peco's main officers on market street. he will be accompanied by secretary of energy earnest monise. >> thunderstorms are clearing out of the lehigh and delaware counties in time for your morning commute. pops of lightning illuminated the sky over philadelphia international airport. the bright streaks also lit up
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the center city skyline. the strong thunderstorms did not cause any widespread power outages or significant damage, just howling on the part of my dog and my five-year-old running to jump in bed with me. >> it was the first time we've had a tornado watch. >> watch. >> in quite awhile. >> yeah. any time you have that, and even going into it yesterday morning we were talking about the slight potential particularly in the western suburbs for that. you have to take it seriously but it doesn't necessarily mean we'll get that and last night we dodged that bullet. storm tracker six live double scan shows us that more and more of us are starting to dodge the morning raindrops. if i go in tighter philadelphia and most of our most heavily traveled destinations or roadways any way are beginning to dry out a bit. medford lakes, browns mills still picking up some showers and there is still a little prong of shower activity popping through chester county that could make it all the way into philadelphia before it finally gets out of here. looks like norristown is about to get wet. if we go out wide allentown in the mix for just some light showers right now and another little batch that may be falling apart a bit as it
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pushes east but generally speaking over the next hour, hour and a half i would expect some additional showers to pop through parts of the region. obviously things are getting better. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies out there. damp conditions down below even where it has stopped raining because obviously it takes awhile for those roadways and air fields for that matter to dry out. 59 degrees in philadelphia, the temperature has dipped a little bit in the half hour. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. not all that strong. we did get a lot of rain yesterday and in fact, set some records in philadelphia and remember, most of this fell during morning commute when it was just coming down in sheets. over 2-inches in philadelphia, a new record for the 20th of april and in wilmington 2.37 where we did have some flood warnings for a little while. all of those are now off the board. future tracker six handling the rest of today's rain and it's not going to be around long. by 8 o'clock we think most of it is going to be up to the north of the lehigh valley, maybe some pockets still left over and after that we're expecting the return of a fair amount of sunshine today. it will be breezy and a bit on
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the cool side but not bad. 59 degrees by 8 o'clock, 62 by 11 o'clock, 65 by 2:00 and we're going to go for a high of 66 this afternoon under fairly sunny conditions. breezy out there but seasonably cool and not too bad overall. 64 by 5 o'clock. still holding onto the mid 60's by 5 o'clock. as we take a look at high temperatures across the region today, 65 in allentown, 66 in philadelphia. close to that down the shore so it's one of those days where we've got clouds giving way to more sunshine, breezy conditions but pretty even temperatures from north to south. for the phillies tonight i'd bring along a couple of layers. it will be a little bit breezy and cool but dry with stars out. 62 for the first pitch and down to as low as 54 in the ninth inning so obviously cool. hopefully the phillies can get it rolling again against the marlins. had kind of a tough road trip. then tomorrow by the time we're on the air in the morning there could be a couple of light sprinkles and showers from the next little wave coming through and this looks like it's going to keep us rather unsettled through the day. wednesday is not a washout but
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as you can see on future tracker off and on at times there will be some sprinkles and some lighter showers. you have seven-day from accuweather shows a breezy and cool high of 66 degrees today. morning clouds giving way to more sun during the later morning and afternoon hours. then tomorrow some spotty showers off and on, a high of 65. after that we're looking dry and cooler. breezy and cool on thursday, 57. windy and cool on friday, a high of just 56. and saturday we inch back up closer to 60 but it will still be on the cool side and then the low 60's for sunday and monday. got a lot of phillies games that they're going to get in there but we'll be bundled up a little bit. >> thanks, david. mr. news you didn't see last night. police out west had a tough time bringing this chase to an ends. >> an underground explosion rocks a main line neighborhood and levers some customers in the dark. karen. >> we're looking live at i-95 right at the vine street expressway. 95 itself moving okay. can you see the flashing lights right here? that's because of the flooding that's closing columbus boulevard. so problems right there.
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and it's not our only storm related problems. i'll have the details coming up in the suburban traffic report. >> and then there were eight. another celebrity says goodbye to "dancing with the stars" and it's one people around here will be sad about. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:43. developing right now new video from the scene of a fire that broke out inside penndot's
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regional headquarters in montgomery county. it started at 3:30 a.m. and firefighters just placed it under control. it was an electrical fire and started in a seconds floor equipment room at penndot's district six building in king of prussia. the building was evacuated and ventilated. no one was hurt. >> let's go over to karen rogers get the latest on what it is like getting in from the suburbs. good morning. >> good morning. let's hid hit the roads. we'll check the suburbs for you and see what's going on and the first thing we see obviously, it's wet out there so that's slowing everybody dune little bit. we're looking live on doylestown road at county line road here. this is on the border of bucks and montgomery montgomery counties. not seeing any major problems and i think traffic will be a little slow, knot nothing like yesterday because it's not coming down as hard. we'll be in the process of kicking that rain out of here. so it's wet but not a lot of problems throughout the region. the flooding did cause a couple issues. in brooklawn camden county they have shut down 130 at 551 the brooklawn circle f you're in that area stay to 295. 130 still blocked at this
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point. we've got to wait for those flood waters to recede n mullica hill gloucester county a downed tree is is causing a closure. high street shut down between chestnut court and country lane. is it particular woodland to get around there. storm tracker six live double scan showing you what's going on. we have some rain in the area, still ponding and puddling on the roadway but we're seeing it exit off the coastline. certainly the heaviest rain. we had that one cell move through serve city. it's wet along route nine. this is route 72, you're looking just wet not terrible. browns mills coming down heavier along route 70 and just a shower there in hammonton and in millville inform. we can look out to the northwest suburbs right now and see what's happening there and it's some rain through the area near quakertown along route 100 near pottstown it's getting a little bit heavier. one thing i've noticed on the suburban traffic report also if you download the free waze app you can be a part of this and someone is talking about foggy weather here in whitpain township and i do have a
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visibili in showing 5-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. down to 2-mile visibility right now in allentown so be careful out there, tam. >> thank you today -- thank you karen. viewer video shows fire and smoke. officials say underground wires not a transformer caused the eruption. it happened at the height of dinnertime on the 100 block of north wayne avenue. diners and employees on what is known as restaurant row were sent running. >> as we were running out the front door it just exploded. i saw a flash heard a bang and next thing you know i'm under a table and i'm like freaking out. >> no injuries were reported. 24 customers are still without power this morning. crews remain on the scene and hope to have the power back on by 10:00 a.m. it took california highway patrol three hours to catch up with a suspect in a stolen bmw. you're taking a look at new video of the police pursuit. this started near san diego and stretched hundreds of miles north up interstate 15
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with the state border with nevada. officers took the suspect into custody without incident. no other drivers were injured during that chase. >> we have new information on that deadly migrant boat accident in the mediterranean sea. prosecutors in sicily have charged the captain an crew member in connection with the sinking. the italian coast guard docked with the 27 survivors of the disaster last night. 900 migrants who were on board the vessel drowned when it capsized over the weekend. they were trying to escape war torn libya. charges against the captain include homicide. an argument over whether michael jordan or hebron james is a better basketball player landed a pennsylvania man in jail. state college police arrested daniel mondelese on saturday saying he fought with another man over whether air jordan or king james reigned supreme. it wasn't clear which player he backed. he was released on bond. then police arrested him again saying he began fighting with
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some women he was staying with. it is not clear what that argument was all about. >> i don't want him to come fight with me but i would say jordan. >> me, too. >> it's 5:47. >> we agree. >> a diva is booted from "dancing with the stars" ballroom. >> some of the kids might want the rain gear. noon need for that but a jacket is still appropriate. we'll have your day planner forecast coming up next.
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>> philadelphia's own patti labelle was voted off "dancing with the stars" last night. before the elimination each
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star danced routines to classic spring break inspired routines. shark tang's robert america vic was at the bottom of the leaderboard. she exited with class. >> he'll have to say i'm out. >> i so love that show. let's take a look outside and see what it looks like on the boulevard. here we are at fox street. it's wet here. it will be slow later for sure. it's fine right now. we had a problem with the traffic lights they fixed it so we're looking better right there to replace that problem we've got a new one in bridesburg torresdale avenue at harbison avenue traffic lights out right here so watch as you're crossing there. patco will have an adjusted midday schedule today. it only effects eastbound departures from 16th and locust. if you're going to head out during that time you're going the need to give yourself extra time. >> showers breaking up across the region but a couple of us still dealing with wet stuff. there's a thin line of showers pushing in through philadelphia or toward the
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western edge of the city. delaware county about to get some of that. chester county still a little damp and allentown probably picking up this stuff from reading over the next hour, hour and a half. does look like by the time we goat up to 8, 9 o'clock most of russ not only dry but probably returning some sunshine to the skies. sun mixing with clouds. at the playground today breezy conditions. by 11 o'clock probably need a jacket 62 degrees ann little breezy at 3 o'clock with 66 degrees. and if you're running errands same story. if you wait until later in the day it's a little more comfortable and the roads will be drying out. 63 by noon and then your high is 66 degrees today. we are going to have a bit of a 12 to 25 miles per hour breeze, so enough to add a jacket but pretty good looking day overall, matt. >> okay, thanks, david. new here on "action news," a tree planted in a park in ferguson missouri to honor slain teen michael brown was cut down and replaced in hours. the black caucus planted the
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original tree on saturday. police say someone chopped it down on sunday. brown was killed by officer darren wilson in august setting off months of protest. more than 5 million hence will have to be euthanized at an iowa farm because federal authorities have confirmed a bird flu outbreak. the farm has nearly 10 percent of the state's egg laying hence. the department of agriculture will move quickly to stop the spread of the potentially deadly disease. officials don't think this will cause a spike in egg prices provided the outbreak is stopped. >> it's 5:53. the officer in charge of a south jersey police department is accused of drunk driving. >> anyone taking new jersey transit may soon have to dig a little deeper for a ride. find out how much the agency wants to hike fares at 6:00 a.m.
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>> sock 21-year-old paul defeo arrested on sunday. a female student told police she met him at a restaurant. investigators say he assaulted the woman at her off campus home. he's being held on $250,000 bail. the officer in charge of the millville police department is charged with drunk driving. lieutenant ed zadroga was arrested sunday night after a fender bender. police say the officers responding to the crash handled it like any other case and ended up charging zedroga with dwi and reckless driving.
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he'll be given due process and fore now remains on the job. >> a municipal worker from berks county is charged with stealing public funds. jennifer robertson is accused of pocketing cash payments for sewer women's. she was secretary of the township at the time. officials say the thefts occurred between 2009 and 2013 totaling nearly $100,000. the political drama continues in the small delaware county borough of colwyn. its council met last night to fill the vacancy created when it fired borough manager paula brown last week. brown attended the meeting and continued to accuse the council of pocketing borough cash. brown showed reporters financial documents that she says she found in a dumpster. there she is right there. borough officials deny wrongdoing. >> 5:57. investigators are searching for a fair of imposters that have been caught on surveillance pretending to be police. >> a train trip in asia shatters world speed records
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and slashes travel times in half. see how it's done when "action news" comes back.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday april 21st and here's what's happening. >> philadelphia police are warning residents there may be a pair of police impersonators on the loose. >> convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev returns to court today one day after a successful running of the race. >> and kraft is changing the recipe for its classic mac and cheese. find out exactly what's in and what's out. >> let's see what's going on with the leftover rain outer there with david and karen. good


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